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Accounts Payable (AP) is one of the most automatable processes out there. It's a highly repetitive, rules based process. Moreover, it's a process where human error can be costly and it can be open to fraud. We've automated AP processes for numerous clients, it really is our bread and butter.

Powered by our Robotic Operating Centre (ROC) based in Cape Town, South Africa, we can operate your AP process highly efficiently whilst offering advantageous commercial terms. We're cheaper and offer better quality than traditional BPOs as we use automation not humans. Moreover, as we operate on an "as a Service" basis, you only pay for the automation that you use.

Our invoice ingestion software operates on degrees of certainty. If it reads an invoice and is not confident in the data, the bot will flag this invoice to our team of humans to verify the data. In verifying data, the humans are also training the algorithm, ensuring it does not make the same mistake twice.

Typical AP automation deployments can generate ROI in excess of 200%. Get in touch to learn more about our AP BPaaS.

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