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DigiBlu have partnered with AntWorks to create an automated, digital recruiter - Ara. Using fractal science and machine learning, Ara reads incoming CVs. Once the CV has been read and understood, Ara rates the application versus the job requirements and historical data. From here, Ara categories the CV based on a mixture of objective variables (e.g. years of experience) and subjective inferences from the unsupervised machine learning.

Once a categorisation has been made on a CV (e.g. 'pass/fail' or 'top 10% applicant') various actions can be taken:

- Data on the CV can be scraped and added to a database
- The application can be moved into a queue for a human to review
- Various pre-defined communication paths can be taken
- Ara can schedule an interview
- Ara can run reference and compliance checks
- If the candidate is hired, Ara can run the onboarding process

Ara is currently an intern. As we get more data Ara's capabilities will grow and improve. Ara is empowered by a team of humans who sit behind it verifying data and updating the algorithm. If Ara isn't sure about anything, our humans take over to verify data and update Ara skills. Ara is constantly learning. When a human teaches it something once, Ara doesn't make the same mistake again.

Ara is designed to free up your recruitment advisors, allowing them to do what humans are good at - communication. We release recruiters of low-value add, high time-consuming tasks, giving them more time to spend interacting with the best candidates.

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