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Automating ATM Support Services

We developed an automated billing process for ATM support services to manage costs and mitigate delays in payment and potential revenue loss

A leading SA technology solutions company, provides field support services for ATMs across the country for three of the Big Four banks. The challenge they faced was missing and inaccurate data being provided by the service agents resulting in inaccurate billing information, additional costs and revenue loss. They were keen to explore the use of digital workers to address this issue.

We redesigned their process and developed a POC that was then rolled out into production. Work Order data was integrated and validated as the field agent captured it on site - notifications sent to the agents to rectify incorrect / missing data. On return travel time and distance data was also integrated and rules applied to verify that the travel distance and time correlated prior to billing being finalised. An escalation process was built where the agent’s manager was notified if data was not captured timeously.

The result of the implementation was a significant reduction in repeat site visits and a vast improvement in billing data quality resulting in improved invoice payment within SLAs. The value of these improvements was estimated by the client to be in excess of R6 million annually.

Project Numbers

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