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Intelligent Automation and Contact Centre Transformation
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The Contact Centre Conundrum

Need to do more, with less, with one hand tied behind our backs
Legacy Systems
Squeezed Economics
Siloed Channels & Data
Duration to Competency V Flexibility
Customers Smarter than Organisation
Difficult, Impersonal, High-Cost Conversations
Digital Disrupters
Sub-Optimal, Disconnected Experiences

What if there were a better way?

An agent having all the right information at the right time
Eliminating all unnecessary keystrokes and working across systems
Letting agents focus on the customer conversation
Having a simple UI that removes reliance on base systems
And …
No systems development necessary
No need to swap out legacy systems

With Transformative Results

  • 25% Cost Reduction
  • Lower Effort, Happier Staff
  • Faster, Better, Improved CS
  • +200% Year 1 ROI
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Service Assist Can Do That

Creates a dynamic, web-based User Interface that extends automation into the front office.

Contact centre and automation experts. Our people design, drive and deliver your transformation programmes.  

Market leading automation software, creates virtual workers which interact with systems as users do.

We're Contact Centre Transformation Specialists

  • Specialist and Experienced Experts
  • Award Winning
  • Advantaged Commercials
  • Years of Experience
  • Track Record of Delivering Savings

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