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Transforming Financial Management Services

5000 Participants
20 Digital Forms
Est. 30,000 Total Submissions

Client Overview

AssuranceSD is a Financial Management Services Business (‘FMS’) and Agency with Choice provider, supporting individuals with accessing and administering care support. Along with an existing portfolio of 50 programs across 13 US States, AssuranceSD and the Wisconsin DHS have launched a new Independent Living Support Pilot Program improve participant’s quality of life.

Problem Statement

Screening candidates and onboarding clients is a data-intensive process where multiple Forms are required. Paper-based Forms carry risk of data errors and lead to significant amount of manual work for internal employees. With an expected 40,000 Form submissions it’s vital that the processing and approval of these applications is efficient to ensure that participants gain timely access to important funding.



The first step to improving the user experience and the quality of data was introducing a Digital Forms solution. AssuranceSD commissioned DigiBlu to digitise 17 participant and provider onboarding Forms on Jotform that included E-Sign compliant digital signature workflow. Submissions are reviewed in Jotform before being pushed to core systems for ongoing management. Custom automation workflows such as compilation of enrolment status by participant/provider have been wrapped-around the Jotform platform to minimise manual tasks and provide actionable management information.​


In the first 4 months, the ILSP Pilot Program has received over 1000 applications. Users are happy with the streamlined experience, and the digitised approval process provides greater governance and automation for AssuranceSD and Wisconsin DHS.

AssuranceSD and DigiBlu are now collaborating on further opportunities to improve efficiency and management information within both the ILSP Pilot Program and other AssuranceSD programs.

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