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Optimising Candidate Onboarding with Community Services 

30,000 Healthcare Professionals
>25 Brands Globally
40% Reduction in Time to Onboard

Client Overview

A global specialist in healthcare workforce solutions to the healthcare, social care and life sciences sectors. Acacium deploy upwards of 30,000 highly trained professionals every week across 25+ brands, making it the largest UK healthcare solutions partner.

Problem Statement

Two brands within the Community Services sector of the Acacium Group, Thornbury Community Services and Pulse Nursing at Home, had encountered challenges with their manual onboarding process comprising PDF forms, emails and phone calls. A team of over 20 people was required to manage the manual onboarding process and applications took on average 90 days from candidate application to ‘onboarded’.



Having previously supported Acacium with several digital transformation initiatives, DigiBlu were brought in to collaborate with the Operations team to deliver a sophisticated automated solution consisting of Jotform and RPA:

  • 5 Forms are triggered automatically from status driven rules and pass candidate data between them to decrease error reduction and improve user experience.

  • Custom built “widgets” provide real-time data validation and error checks, guiding application form users to submit correct information.

  • RPA processes automatically update business systems with candidate data and document uploads, before responding back to Jotform with success or failure messages.

  • RPA executes automated background checks on candidates (such as NMC and DBS), assigns virtual interviews to applicants and pushes data to the CRM tool.

  • Custom built dashboards provide end-to-end candidate tracking throughout the onboarding process. ETL data extraction from Jotform and ingestion to data warehouse to drive Operational performance reports within Microsoft PowerBI. 


Acceptance of the new solution was challenging initially as the existing manual processes were intricate and varied across brands. The process had been transformed quite considerably to achieve standardisation and maximise automation rates. However, once the team had seen the results of the new system and it had proven to be reliable and accurate, it was quickly adopted.


‘Time to onboard’ reduced from the 90-day average to 45 days and drop-out rates (candidates abandoning the recruitment process) have been minimised. From a candidate perspective, this means they can be placed in work placements sooner and get paid quicker. Acacium’s clients benefit by quicker fulfilment of open positions with healthcare workers that have been fully checked in an industry sector that struggles to attract enough talent.

Significant Operations’ time savings have been achieved due to the RPA automation, which have allowed the Operations team to double their candidate contact and drive improved recruitment rates through a more ‘personal’ touch and attention to individuals’ circumstances.

Errors within the onboarding process have significantly reduced due to data validation upfront on the application forms and removing human error through automation, resulting in the reduction of re-work and improved compliance.

The system provides better management information in the form of granular insights into each onboarding step – allowing leadership to identify bottlenecks and put steps in place to further improve the process.

As a result of the success and reusability of the solution, Acacium are now rolling this solution out to other brands in the group. 

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