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Digitising intake at Emergency Humanitarian Relief Centers

250 New Arrivals Daily 
>100 Nationalities
<2 Weeks to Deploy

Client Overview

Our Client is a US-based agency that supports key projects for a major US City. Their projects focus on urgent responses to Natural Disasters and the Refugee Crises, and typically require rapid deployment of new processes and technology solutions.

Problem Statement

Humanitarian Relief Centers can be hectic places with high footfall, language barriers, emotions running high and an air of uncertainty. Establishing calm is critical to making people feel safe and getting them the support they need.



A digital solution to log intake of new arrivals sought to improve the speed of data capture and the quality of information. A HIPAA-compliant form was launched at short notice that enabled support staff to capture intake information on tablets. Two-way integration with Salesforce ensured that (1) data was captured against the correct individual, and (2) that information made its way onto the individual’s record.


With such high volumes of new arrivals and wide variety of complex needs, management information was required to ensure that sufficient support was available. The digital Form was integrated with a PowerBI dashboard to provide this information in real-time.


Within a week, our client began documenting intake data through the digital solution, providing structure to the administrative process, and improving the user experience for the refugees.

Hours per day of manual effort to compile and present management information was eliminated, allowing more time to interrogate the data and focus on continually improving the services being provided.

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