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Supporting Independent Living by Transforming Back-Office Functions

400 Invoices per Week

Client Overview

PeoplePlus is a leading UK employability and skills provider, delivering a range of public services. Their Independent Living Services (ILS) team works with people who have a disability or health condition to ensure they have access to funding and help them control their care.

Problem Statement

ILS had identified areas of potential improvement within the Managed Accounts and Payroll divisions. These focussed on manually activities and misalignment of data storage with strict security protocols.

A relatively compact team was battling with high volumes of unstructured data and a significant amount of re-keying into multiple systems. Time consuming work and re-work had led to a delay in funding allocations meaning individuals (Personal Assistants) were getting paid late.



Having supported PeoplePlus on previous engagements, DigiBlu were approached to perform an assessment of the current business unit operating model and recommend improvement opportunities.

The initial discovery exercise focussed on mapping processes, designing a To-Be state and carrying out an assessment of the current systems’ ability to support the future state. The team looked to optimise use of existing technologies and only introduce new technology where necessary.

The solution is a mixture of process transformation, digitisation, and automation opportunities. This was to be implemented in carefully mapped out phases that ensure minimal disruption and an optimal user experience for clients, personal assistants, and internal employees.


Initial phases have demonstrated improvement in administrative efficiency. Around 400 Invoices are submitted by suppliers and personal assistants each week, and early signs are that both the processing time and the frequency of errors/re-work have dropped significantly.

The programme is on its way to achieving the elimination of Excel with business critical and sensitive data, as well as the optimisation of system interactions. This success has led to PeoplePlus commissioning DigiBlu to expand the programme into the front-end Operational processes.

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