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Migrating Complex Data to Facilitate Digital Transformation


Client Overview

Worknest work closely many organisations nationwide with one clear purpose: enabling employers to manage their workforce, workplace, and workflow effectively, efficiently and compliantly. Worknest offers a fully outsourced health & safety support services provide personalised solutions for organisations of all sizes.

Problem Statement

Worknest had developed their own H&S management solution to offer their clients greater support and experience, and needed to move data from the existing 3rd party platform to the newly developed application as a result.

Migration of large and complex data sets is not a quick and easy task, and attempting to do so manually can result in delays and data inaccuracies. When dealing with important and often sensitive client data, this is a risk that many companies cannot afford to take.



DigiBlu, a transformation consultancy with expertise in intelligent automation technologies, were brought in to assess options for automating the data migration activities. DigiBlu then developed a comprehensive process using Blue Prism RPA technology to extract data from the legacy system ready for import into the newly developed application.


Approximately 80% of data elements from the legacy system were extracted, including data on around 2000 clients across multiple H&S modules. Data was extracted into predefined templates which underwent a validation check before import into the new application. Exceptions were clearly highlighted along with supporting documentation that enabled the client to effectively migrate the remaining data.

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