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Simplifying Funding Applications for Life-Changing Sports Programs

>40,000 Participants
17,500 Volunteers
12 Territorial Chapters

Client Overview

Special Olympics is a global grassroots movement, bringing community programs and competition opportunities to more than 4.5 million children, and adults with intellectual disabilities across 170 countries worldwide. In Canada, more than 41,000 people participate in programs run with the support of local sport clubs across 12 provincial and territorial Chapters. They are supported by a network of more than 17,500 volunteers.

Problem Statement

Territorial Chapters require funding to run these programs, and each year they apply for this through Special Olympics Canada (SOC). The application process was previously based on Microsoft Excel and required a back-and-forth chain of emails between the Chapters and SOC that resulted in loss of version control and a poor user experience.

SOC had already deployed Jotform in other parts of the organisation with great success, however the  data to be collected here was more complex. To ensure standardisation of data and an optimal user experience, SOC required custom widgets to be developed and careful analysis of the ‘To-Be’ workflow.



Jotform introduced SOC to DigiBlu, an Elite Partner with expertise in building complex custom solutions. A Discovery Workshop was held with SOC SMEs to map the workflow and identify opportunities to improve the process. Custom widgets were required along with a portal on which SOC and the Chapters can collaborate on Grant Applications, document budget expenditure and update performance against targets.


The resulting portal provides an optimal user experience for both SOC and the Chapters submitting their applications and updating the record throughout the year. The custom widgets address the requirements for standardisation and automation, and with clear structuring of a yearly Record per Chapter, the issue of version control is eliminated.

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