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As an award winning and internationally recognsied leader in Intelligent Automation, we provide a range of digital worker services, from large-scale on-premise implementations to as-a-service offerings delivered over the cloud from our Robotic Operations Centre (ROC).

Our Robotic Operating Centre (ROC)

The ROC in Cape Town hosts our own Intelligent Automation platform - including customer engagement, data ingestion, robotics and cloud capabilities - and delivers economies of skill and scale, underpinning most of DigiBlu's solutions. Its core competencies lie in the configuration, deployment and operations of digital workers. Our people are all specialists and our methods are recognised as best practice.

The ROC is a utility for providing automation services, globally, delivering great flexibility in how we re-use components and core processes, orchestrate robotic capacity and deliver automation services - benefits we pass on to our customers.

Delivery and Partner Services

As Blue Prism 'Partner of the Year' 2019, a member of their partner executive council and Blue Prism Cloud's gold partner, we partner with clients to help take them on the journey to realising the full potential of Intelligent Automation.


As experts in the development, deployment and operations of Digital Workforces, DigiBlu provides specialists on-premise whilst the configuration is done remotely by a squad of IA Engineers in the ROC.