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ARA Commits 1% of Revenue to Fight Climate Change

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15 November 2021

ARA, DigiBlu's recruitment SaaS product, commits 1% of revenue to fund carbon removal technology start-ups via a partnership with Stripe Climate.

LONDON – ARA, a DigiBlu powered recruitment product today announced that it is donating 1% of revenue to invest in next-generation carbon removal technologies. In addition to this, emissions of all DigiBlu UK employees are offset via a partnership with Ecologi who plant trees in the UK and around the world to enable carbon offsetting.

1% Carbon Removal Revenue Pledge
Through the partnership with Stripe Climate, ARA commits to investing 1% of revenue in next-generation carbon removal technology start-ups. The fund aims to invest in game-changing new technology, which is not yet commercially viable, intending to help the technology reach economies of scale which will drive down the price.

Recent Stripe Climate investments have included Climeworks, who use renewable geothermal energy and waste heat to capture CO₂ directly from the air, concentrate it, and permanently sequester it underground in basaltic rock formations with Carbfix.

Another recent investment was in Charm. Charm Industrial has created a novel carbon removal pathway that converts biomass into bio-oil and then injects it deep underground for permanent geologic storage.

Tree Planting for all Employees
In addition to the 1% revenue pledge, DigiBlu also offsets the emissions for all UK based employees via a tree planting partnership with Ecologi. For every employee, trees are planted to offset our carbon emissions. To date, in the four months of partnership, we have funded 340 trees being planted, and have offset 18 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide.

About ARA
ARA is an offshoot of DigiBlu UK and has created several recruitment-tech products. ARA Present is the automated CV formatting tool, which makes CV formatting 10x quicker and 50% cheaper for recruiters. ARA Assess provides automated candidate assessment tools, aimed at removing bias from recruitment. ARA Data enables recruitment firms to leverage and grow from their data. to learn more.

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