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Target Operating Model

What is a Target Operating Model?

Align your processes, technology, people and organisation structure to drive your business strategy and objectives. Realise an Operating Model where digital and human workers work together seamlessly to create lasting value.

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Our Approach

We can assist you with objective setting, process mapping and improvement recommendations. ​


Design processes across the organisation to support SMART business objectives.

We can assist you in your technology selection, 

implementation and performance 

management. ​


Define the technology to deliver your services or products and optimise processes.​

We can assist you with role definition, change management and training needs analysis.​


Define the capabilities, skills, remuneration, organisation culture and ways of working to build a productive workforce.​

We can help design your service delivery model (e.g. centralised vs de-centralised, off-shoring vs in-house) as well as map your RACI and identify appropriate Key Performance Indicators.​


Define the organisational structure, roles and responsibilities and KPIs.​

Shared Services Creation

Many organisation have grown and adopted new functions and capabilities without really identifying where focused, specialist operational teams can work more efficiently. The creation and adoption of Shared Service Centres can create operational scale in the handling of high work volumes, and can take advantage of the common features, attributes and business applications across the many varied processes within a single business.

M&A Integration

Many organisations grow through acquisition or mergers, however they lack organisational design expertise to integrate effectively.  Through collective analysis of processes and workflows of the sponsor business and the acquired business, we are able to guide our clients to adopting the optimum process for the combined organisation.  Our organisational design expertise also supports our clients in the achievement of efficiency gains that are typically built in prior to the acquisition and supports the operational change process.

Change Management

Change is not just inevitable – it provides an opportunity, and successful transformation requires a comprehensive Change Management strategy. Our experts will help you to define and execute your transformation agenda by fostering a culture that embraces change, aligning strategies with objectives, and empowering teams to drive change effectively.

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