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Opportunity Discovery

Opportunity Assessment

We will carry out an analysis of your current state and the improvement opportunities available. Our specialists diagnose known or unknown issues in processes, teams, or technologies using traditional methods such as processing mapping alongside AI-enabled process discovery.


The resulting output is:

  • A greater understanding of your current operating model.

  • Analysis of pain points and their impact on the business.

  • Process health-checks backed up by real-life data.

  • A list of recommended improvements in work streams, complete with high-level future state designs and business case for their implementation.

Task Mining

Task mining is the process of understanding your organisations digital footsteps and how your employees interact with your business applications. Our team uses innovative technology to supply real-life data on process compliance and reveal opportunities for optimisation and automation. This data can be accessed on an ongoing basis to give insight into operational performance and is particularly relevant for shared services, where standardisation and compliance with SLAs are key.

Process Mining

Process Mining, although similar to task mining, seeks to gain insights into the end-to-end flow of its business processes, understanding how activities are interconnected and executed within the organization. Process mining is valuable for analyzing complex processes involving multiple steps, stakeholders, and systems.

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