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Post-Implementation Services

Managed Services

Digiblu can offer a comprehensive Managed Service that provides monitoring and support for your automated solutions 24/7. This can include developers that provide quick responses to break-fix scenarios and solution optimisations, or ‘Process Controllers’ that monitor the performance of the solutions and reduce the burden from your internal automation team. Our Managed Services offer a cost efficient service through utilisation of offshore resources or automated Process Control software that automatically ‘monitors the bots’.

Continuous Solution Improvement

Business processes never stand still - impacted by changes in policy, customer expectation, technology or process improvement initiatives. DigiBlu’s Managed Service can support these continuous changes with the provision of highly skilled developers and business analysts to seek modifications and improvements to maintain the highest level of automation possible for your technology solutions. The service can be designed to proactively monitor for changes in exception rates and respond accordingly, or work to a reactive, on-demand model where enhancements are implemented when called upon.

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