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DigiBlu's Journey to Carbon Neutrality

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16 August 2021

DigiBlu UK enrol with Ecologi to combat company Carbon Emissions

As a consultancy firm which specialises in tech and digital transformation, DigiBlu has minimal physical presence. Because of this, we are lucky to be a naturally low-carbon business. However, this does not mean there is not more work to do. Every day we see news of more devastating floods, wildfires, and other ‘natural’ disasters. It is now time for all business and individuals to become part of the change needed to minimise humanity’s impact on our wonderful world.

The first, increasingly accessible step, is carbon off-setting through the planting of trees. DigiBlu has enrolled with Ecologi, a platform dedicated to “planting trees and funding the world’s best climate crisis solutions”. Although we are at the beginning of our journey with Ecologi, we have signed up each of our UK team members to the scheme and in the first 2-months of the rollout, we have now planted roughly 16 tree per employee ‘in our forest’. These have been designated to Mangrove planting in Madagascar, and Reforestation projects in Mozambique. It total, a carbon reduction worth an approximate 8.84T of carbon reduction.

As mentioned, DigiBlu is already a low-carbon business. Our biggest contribution to carbon emissions is business travel, however with an almost complete adoption of virtual meetings we have been able to cut out almost all of our travel. Therefore, almost all our carbon off-setting efforts go toward making DigiBlu Carbon Negative. After reviewing our environmental impact, the next most positive step we could make was to fund carbon removal projects to mitigate our historical emissions, personal emissions, and that of the UK more broadly.

Since the UK’s easing of lockdown restrictions began after Christmas, DigiBlu started to bring back the option of Office Life. In a bid to fit with our eco-mission, our office in London is powered by renewable energy sources, sends none of its waste to landfill, offers no single-use materials, and more.

As DigiBlu grows in the UK we will continue to fund proportionally into carbon off-setting schemes and our general eco-mission.

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