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Softools & DigiBlu Partnership Announcement

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7 April 2021

DigiBlu are proud to announce our partnership with Softools - the Enterprise-Grade DIY apps Specialists.

DigiBlu have used Softools to digitise their best-practice IP around identifying automation opportunities and governing their implementations… this solution is Auto-Mate.

Use this link to view the Auto-Mate Solution Overview:

Thomas Vose, Auto-Mate Product Owner, said “We’ve spent the best part of a decade defining and iterating our automation methodology. We believe we’ve cracked the code when it comes to scaling a digital workforce – with examples where we’ve scaled a deployment to over 500 bots. Auto-Mate digitises our methodology and gives our clients all the tools needed to scale their own automation programme.

Softools has allowed us to build the Auto-Mate platform rapidly and at low cost. We haven’t had to focus on lower-value tasks associated with building software - all we’ve had to focus on is content. That content is now available offline, online, on a laptop, tablet, or phone - anywhere in the world.”

DigiBlu will also use Softools’ no-code platform to create custom application solutions for clients, moving clients from inefficient systems (e.g. MS Excel / Shadow IT) to a modern workplace platform.

Nick Bantick, Partner Lead, Softools, said “New technologies are emerging at such a speed that even the smallest of organisations are dedicating resources to explore them and avoid being left behind. With significant experience in solving inefficiency and implementing automated solutions, DigiBlu are perfectly placed to identify and recommend process improvement. We’re thrilled to collaborate with a team so innovative in their approach to automation”.

The partnership between DigiBlu and Softools presents an opportunity for organisations to uncover process improvement opportunities and achieve their automation goals.

Vic Gysin, UK CEO, DigiBlu, said “Softools has proven to be a very effective platform in our automation strategy. Softools gives organisations transparency over their processes and data whilst eliminating the need for complex spreadsheet-type applications – opening up new opportunities for efficiency. Softools gives us another tool to reimagine, transform and digitise business processes, very quickly.”

To find out more, contact us using the information below;

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