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Global satellite company

Development and provision of an IA enabled monitoring solution as part of a satellite communications company’s service offering to mines.

Inmarsat are a global mobile satellite communications who partner with third-party companies to develop applications and solutions compatible with their satellite communications networks. We engaged the client with the idea to explore the use of IA and a digital workforce to provide new value added services that could be delivered via Satcom. The client was keen to see the potential of IA for its ease of implementation, flexibility, and ability to connect with multiple existing applications, systems and service desks regardless of the interface available, as well as to provide an unattended monitoring function.

We ran an ideation workshop with the client to generate ideas for a POC. The first service involved using IOT kiosks at mines in remote locations capturing data from local sensors and passing this over Satcom to our Robotics Operating Center which is able to monitor operations remotely 24/7.

In the first week of operation, the “bots” detected some of the IOT devices were not functioning as expected and that battery levels were dropping when weather conditions were poor. The issues were detected by the digital workforce and escalated to in-country mine managers for action and resolution.

Project Numbers

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