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Old Mutual

The client embarked on a RPA journey with the aim of improving its agility and speed to market in light of evolving market forces and increased customer expectations​.

Old mutual had many drivers for wishing to explore the potential of RPA. Being a big traditional bank, legacy systems were hampering their innovation potential. Administrative costs were increasing, coupled with pressure from new entrants and digital disruptors​. Increasing regulatory demands were increasing the operational risk. The need to deliver greater agility and efficiency across the value chain. ​

The project was initiated in the group services business, starting with a pilot to automate six ‘money out’ and policy administration processes. ​The programme included the following phases:​

1. Initial Pilot – showed the potential by automating 2 process​

2. Reset
- ​Strategy and opportunity assessment to set the business objectives and prioritise processes​
- Establishment of group level operating model for the digital workforce​
- Operational and IT readiness​

3. Full implementation ​
- Extending RPA into IA​
- Creating a shared multi-purpose digital workforce​
- Enhancement of the delivery methodology

Project Numbers


Bots going live


Year 1 ROI


Required customer time per process

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