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“Digiblu were early adopters of Intelligent Automation and continue to do so with AI - leveraging innovative solutions, experimenting and learning what works.


We don’t pretend to have all the answers but we’ve got smart practitioners with strong methods and a track record of delivery that will work this out with you. If you’re looking for a partner on this journey, please get in touch.”

Vic Gysin_edited.png

Vic Gysin, CEO, DigiBlu

Who are DigiBlu?

DigiBlu are a digital transformation consultancy that enables competitive advantage through AI and Automation.


Founded in 2019 to deliver automations for a selection UK-based clients, we have expanded operations to offer Analysis, Automation, AI and Support services to clients globally, in a variety of industries.

Our clients are typically medium-sized businesses across major industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Utilities, etc. in both the public and private sector including FTSE-250 and large-cap private equity owned businesses. 


We help companies looking for a reliable partner that understands their needs, designs tailored innovative solutions, and delivers results at pace.

Our Vision

DigiBlu’s vision is process excellence and digital experience.


We respect the pressures that organisations face on a daily basis - competition, cost, compliance, technology advancement and customer expectation - and believe that there is a way to use these to your advantage and establish scalable, sustainable ways of working.

Meet the Board

Vic Gysin
Chief Executive Officer
David Williams
Chief Strategy Officer
Karen Potgeiter
Chief Financial Officer
Jon Hinder
Chief Operating Officer

Meet the Exec Team

Dianne Harris
Head of Process Improvement
Tim Sunley
Head of Front Office Services
Dave van der Westhuizen
Nick Bantick
Head of Digital Solutions
Karl Otto
Head of Development Services
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